Download e-book for iPad: All matter in the universe is created by light by brian ewers

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By brian ewers

ISBN-10: 1983065846

ISBN-13: 9781983065842

This booklet is grounded in Isaac Newton's trust that mild should be switched over into topic, and subject again into mild, which at the present time seems to be real within the method that once electrons are slammed into protons in the course of particle collisions on the Hadron collider in Geneva Switzerland, the electrons cut up into new debris which accurately develop into photon's of sunshine! This new wisdom will be used to create anti viruses out of photon's, and extra, or even get rid of each illness identified to humankind.Chapter one establishes an alleged extra exact version of the photon, and a brand new conception pointing out that gravity comes from light.

Chapter units forth that gravity is a wave, no longer a particle akin to the god particle, and what the gravitational waves could appear like according to the maths of kinetic and capability power, and Newton and Einstein's equations for those forces. The bankruptcy then exhibits how the gravitational waves correlate precisely with waves of sunshine and that those forces are really similar in response to Einstein's power equivalence law.

Chapter 3 indicates that gentle has mass utilizing the equations for power of wavelengths of sunshine, (hc/wavelength) and (E/c squared); the mass of a photon of purple gentle for example is 2.94x10 to the detrimental 22 kilograms, or approximately a billionth of a billionth of a kilogram. The photons are then thrown into a web Hawking radiation calculator utilizing the mass of a photon from each frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum, and despatched right into a Hawking black gap to teach how while gentle is collapsed it has the energy/mass equivalence to create black holes, and all different subject within the universe...for that matter!

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